Be a Blessing to Someone Today: For Tomorrow May Be Your Blessing

Be a Blessing to Someone Today is an uplifting and inspiring book. It suggests ways to be kind to and bless others. It also encourages blessing others as God has richly blessed you. For example, sharing a warm smile with someone or paying for a person's meal who is in the line behind you at a lunch counter are ways to bless recipients. Follow Jesus's example and be kind to someone with whom you would normally disagree with or ignore.

Kindness can be a catalyst for changing the hearts, minds, and souls of people. Moreover, when you embrace those who are different from you with genuine kindness and love, you are mirroring Jesus's universal love. The writer has made it her mission and invites others to be kind and, therefore, be a blessing to as many people as possible! She follows the tenets of both simpler and brotherly love and the loftier agape love.

When you bless people with sincere kindness, you open doors and bridge barriers to acceptance and reconciliation. It should be intentional and not random. Christ Jesus, in His last hours on the cross, blessed the two thieves by taking them to paradise.

Being kind to someone who has hurt or humiliated you is difficult. But with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you can still be a blessing to one who has wronged you by showing kindness, gentleness, compassion, and sympathy. With our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, you and I can turn moments of kindness into a lifestyle change.

"Joyce Williams Graves is a wife, mother, and grandmother, but more importantly, she's a Christian/Child of God. Joyce started the Bible Ministry, "Project Blessings," in 2016 to purchase Bibles for others to share the "Good News" and bless people all over the world. She and her husband, Glen, live in Fort Washington, Maryland with their poodle, Energy."

--Joyce Williams Graves

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