Becoming Single: Finding, Knowing and Loving Your True Self The Key to Healthy Relationships

This book is novel not only because of its content but also because of the history-making time of its publication. The life-threatening pandemic that the entire planet is experiencing makes this subject matter timely. In the wake of increasing numbers of confirmed viral infections and death in the United States and around the world, people are worried, stockpiling essential commodities, afraid of not having enough; the shame of it plagues millions. The trauma of the loss of livelihood, health, life, and loved ones looms over the atmosphere. Many, if not most, are experiencing isolation, loneliness, rejection, and feelings of abandonment.

In a culture where we define ourselves by what we do, the masses are left without productive daily activities. Uncertainty about the future looms in the air. The very core of who we present ourselves to be or who we want to be is being unmasked. There is confusion such as has not been experienced in decades about our identities individually and collectively.

While in the midst of the pandemic, the videotaped death of a forty-six year old black man who died due to a police officer kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes has caused protests in cities in most states of the US and around the world. There is an outcry for social justice and reforms in policing. We cannot yet determine where this is leading our world.

I do believe that the issues set forth in this book can guide us to appropriate solutions bringing lasting change. Becoming acquainted with our Creator will lead us to loving ourselves and the ability to also love our neighbors. Unless we address the root of our problems, which is the lack of singleness, as defined in this book, we will not reach any lasting solutions to our dismal situation.

You can use these difficult times in your journey to becoming single and you will never be the same.


--Madeline Taylor

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