Beezar Bush: The Bush and the Rescue

Have you ever wondered why you exist? Does your child ever ask, “Why aren’t other kids like me?”This book touches on historical issues that will affect us even to this very day. It involves a journey that so many have never thought of taking. Yet, Beezar Bush had no other options.Beezar Bush also pondered those questions above. His plant life reveals the tough road he will venture into.When Beezar was at the lowest point in his plant life, something happened to him. He did not understand the ultimate value of his existence and this chance meeting in the desert of Mt. Sinai. This meeting not only affected Beezar and every offspring of plants he could ever put forth, but it also had a redemptive outcome for the people of Israel. Of course, this viewpoint is from Beezar’s experience of it. Beezar was invited into a redemptive factor for a future event, in which his bush offspring will be used again in a redemptive and selfless act of a very brave and holy man approximately 1,500 years later.

--Vickie Borshow-Gibson

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