Beneficiaries Of The Master's Divine Entitlements

Beneficiaries of the Master's Divine Entitlements was written using the backdrop of some of the Bible's most outstanding and beloved characters of faith (i.e., Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, and Jesus) to illustrate the power and efficacy of the audible Word spoken to them in the face of extreme hardship and challenges. In these contemporary times, we are very fortunate and blessed to have God's written Word that has the same power and efficacy to bring to fruition in our lives every promise God has made. The challenges that we face during our most difficult times are akin to Abraham trekking and traversing up the mountainside with Isaac, his son, in tow, oblivious that he was to be the sacrificial offering. Abraham, not knowing whether God would provide a substitute lamb or not, had the faith to declare to his beloved son Isaac, "God himself will provide a lamb for the burnt offering." And indeed, God did provide a sacrificial ram caught in a brier bush. The scriptures encourage all of us to walk and live by faith, trusting in the promises of God, even though our obstacles, our challenges, and our difficulties appear to be glaringly defying that God can't fix or change them. However, as beneficiaries of the Master's divine entitlements, you have the right to declare that God Himself will provide. The author gives a few examples of his own of how he became the beneficiary of the Master's divine entitlements through believing and trusting in the promises of God.

--Dr. Perry Parker

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