Betrayed By God

This book takes you on a journey through this little girl's childhood and the abuse and abandonment she endured well into her adulthood--losing her dad at a young age, being catapulted into forty years of trauma through that one event, being emotionally abandoned by her mother and sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend, and then being sent off three thousand miles from her home, because "after all Russell didn't do anything wrong" (according to a paper written by one of her sisters), only to grow up feeling like trash that had been thrown away by the one person she felt should love her the most. She felt unloved, unworthy, hated, and rejected. She also felt betrayed by God and didn't realize it until God gave her the title to this book. Then God came to her one day in her womanhood, and He saw her. He saw her brokenness and began mending the pieces of her soul together. He saw her need for love, and He loved her back to life. He saw her need to feel accepted, and He accepted her into His family. He saw her need to feel valuable, and He gave her pricelessness in Him. He saw her abandonment, and He gave her a relationship with Him. This book paints the beautiful story of a woman completely broken by life and the new life God gave her, turning her from being gloomy, depressed, heartbroken, and empty to being part of His royal family and allowed to sit at the King's table, even in the presence of her enemies. This book is certain to be one you will find amazing and awe-inspiring all the way to the very end. It will leave you feeling full of hope and realizing that you too are not betrayed by God.

--Kimberly Rouse

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