Blessings Multiplied

The loss of a child changes everything. Lezlie and her husband had a great family life going with the birth of their first precious baby girl. Then an ultrasound would reveal the miracle of identical twin boys. Unbeknownst to the family, the unexpected would happen, and the boys would be born early and not survive.

Blessings Multiplied is a true story of life before, during, and after the unexplainable loss of twin baby boys and the double blessing that would happen later with a miracle: the birth of their second set of twins.

Blessings Multiplied is a raw, honest, and emotional journey detailing these parents' joy and sorrow, worry and heartbreak, and complete reliance on God during a period of grief that no family should have to live through. You will experience with this family both the blissful and awkward moments of pregnancy and delivery. As you read, you may be surprised to find you have gone through many of these same experiences.

This story was written to be a true picture of a grief that is worth discussing and should never be overlooked and to encourage others that there is hope and blessing awaiting each of us even if it looks different than what you imagined.

--Lezlie Nassef with Jamey Nassef

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