Book of Poems

I have spent forty-eight years driving through all forty-eight states, and every Sunday morning, I would find a church somewhere. For years, my truck has been my private time with the Lord, and He gave me much to write about. From "The Jagged Sky," I rolled into Denver, and the first seven verses came faster than I could write. I continued on to Seattle, and when I came back to Denver, the rest of the poem came to me faster than I could write. I was driving through Hartford, Connecticut, when "So Say Goodbye to Johnny O" came to me, and that's the way they come. I may have written three or four poems by just sitting down and putting them on paper, but most came from inspiration.When we found my mother's poems, it was when I decided to put them with my poems and make a book, thus the Book of Poems.

--Marjorie M. Woodward and Thomas R. Woodward

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