Breaking Seven

In her debut novel, Jhieb has written a compelling story that shows the true power of Christ's forgiveness over sin. Her characters are vivid in their humanity, and their pain is felt across the pages.

David is a wanderer with the ability to lift other's suffering and place that mantel upon himself. A man who tirelessly works to ease the souls of others, while never allowing himself to be free from the crippling weight of guilt.

April is a street worn junky, who has abandoned herself to a life without hope. Doing whatever it takes to live one fix to the next. A woman without family, a home, or a future.

When they met, neither of them ever expected God to move so powerfully within them. No longer alone, each finds that the other may be what is needed to face truths neither could face alone. For one, it's an introduction to a God never before known, and for the other, it's a chance at healing.

Can an exhausted man of God and a hopeless woman of the world work together to overcome a force from the past that threatens David's future?