Burning Waters

I will not be like every other book you've read.
I will not promote the desires of your flesh.
I will not pander to your inimical emotions.
I will only deliver the message.
A powerful and unyielding message
Containing love and religion,
Anger, deceit, and hard decisions,
Understanding, commitment, and difficult questions.
But never forget
The realities depicted here are merely suggestions.
No manipulations or slight omissions,
Just information to all who are willing to listen,
An opportunity to break free from slander and misinterpretation,
A chance at peace and spiritual liberation.
The message written on these pages will point you toward the truth.
No more mediators or moderators,
In-betweeners, go-betweeners, or bad translators.
Just the truth
And You
With an open mind,
In the seas of
Burning waters.


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