Chasing Beautiful: A Bible Study on Faith, Fitness, and Physical Appearance: A Bible Study on Faith, Fitness, and Physical Appearance

Every single woman I know wants to look and feel beautiful. The desire is independent of age, background, marriage or social status, education, or physical fitness level. Our pursuit of beauty begins at a young age, takes twists and turns throughout our lives, but never seems to leave the heart of a woman. It almost feels like God placed it there when He made us.Culture tells us to chase beauty with all the dollars, gym hours, and beauty products we can find, an approach that often leaves us feeling exhausted, hungry, and less than enough. But what does God say about beauty and physical appearance in the Bible?This six-week Bible study will help you explore how and when your own concept of beauty developed, how its interwoven in the fabric of your life, what God says about beauty in the Bible, what is your full identity in Christ, how Satan attacks us in this area, what it means to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, and what to do when we struggle.Stop chasing beautiful when you already are. Learn to take your eyes off the mirror, the selfie, the magazine cover, and the girl next door. Instead, listen to the Holy Spirit as He whispers, "Eyes up here." Discover how to rest so easily and joyfully in who God's made you to be that you can finally, confidently lift your eyes off yourself and more fully step into the mission of God.

--Kimberly Stork

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