Children Do Not Fly

In the sight of God, precious they all are, no matter from where they come, whether near or far. Innocent and unknowing, vulnerable too--in many ways, God made them the same. He knew just what to do. We need to cover them in prayer and keep a watchful eye. Some are very bold and brave; many things they will try. Often they don't know the dangers ahead to face. Without much thought, trying this and that, in fear there is no trace.The little ones, the children, are of whom I speak. We must love, teach, and protect them each day of the week. So here's a short story to guide children along the way. Teaching them to be safe in this world, we should teach something new each day.Remember your young and carefree days? No worries, just fun (play, run, climb, jump, roll, tumble, and dive). Who thought about getting hurt? That only happened to "the other guy." Worry-free we were, always trying something new. We challenged each other to see just what each could do.Now we watch our children do what we had done. How do we keep them safe while letting them have fun?This is a colorful book of safety for the adventurous child, encouraging their imagination and teaching reality all the while.

--Ruth Mack

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