Children Without Virtues

Children without Virtues is an observation of where we were and where we are now raising children of our future""in a fast-paced, information-driven society, without discerning skills.

The settings of family, neighborhoods, and community has changed drastically.

We all experience a point of reference. Seeing and evaluating something for the first time, interpretation is key and needs guidance and input, especially when the subject is at a tender age.

Individuality is what sets us apart from each other, and a healthy encouraging influence is life-changing in many circumstances.

The current notion that what's bad is good, and what's good is bad has permeated the influence on our children. Parents will be more vigilant in dissecting and editing this information much more than ever before.

As a mother and observer, I have become more concerned over the years of how we came to this place where children can go to school and fatally wound others, or literally bully children to death.

I wrote this in 2003, after the Columbine incident, and it's been stored since in my files. I think it might be time to share.

--Robin Coleman

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