Corn Dolls

MaryAnn is an ordinary nine-year-old country girl. She's growing up in the world while looking for a unique place in her developing environment. Having someone her age to relate to is her constant yearning, a person who can enjoy and share their innocence without question. Bonding and trust are most important at this age. Soon she begins experiencing a true friendship with a boy named Samson Ray. They are soul mates living only to enjoy the enchanted life as children. A tragedy happens to MaryAnn's family, and they eventually moved away. Her world changes, and she's not equipped to decipher the transformations. As life happens, they are separated and time becomes unpredictable and heartbreaking for her. In a new atmosphere that is opposite from the life that she knows, unsettling feelings try to dominate her but she always finds the hope of overcoming it all by seeing her best friend again. Her happy place only exists while daydreaming about her best friend and their time frolicking through their cornfield. Those wonderful thoughts keep her making another step into surviving the new life that she has been hurled into. MaryAnn is young and innocent, experiencing her turmoil life while trying unselfishly to hide her unhappiness.

--MaryAnn Givens-Hayes

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