Cradled in His Mighty Arms: How God Has Blessed a Southern Woodsman

Cradled in His Mighty Arms contains poetry covering five major areas of my life spanning forty-four years. The first two, work and recreation, are forestry-related. The prison ministry, family, and love of God round out this delve into the adventures of my life expressed in a unique and entertaining way.

This work contains poetry that expresses my relationships in each of these areas. I preface the poems relating the reasons for writing them and situations surrounding their creation.

The poetry in Cradled in His Mighty Arms was written about real life happenings while I was experiencing life itself. Most of the poems came to me while operating tree harvesting equipment and dealing with the challenges of production. Surrounded by a strange mixture of beautiful forests and uncommon danger, faced daily by men and women in the forestry field, I relate stories and actual happenings through poetry, that are both easy to read and comprehend. I share my love of the outdoors as well as the love I have for God, family, and my calling in the prison ministry. The work is easy to read and understand, while being deep, thought-provoking, and at times humorous as well.

I feel the poetry within is encouraging and uplifting, while telling the story of my journey as a Christian woodsman. If this book of poetry can change a person's perspective of life from the negative to the positive, it would have been well worth the effort. If only one person strives to draw nearer to Christ through this work, I would consider it a success.

--John Williams

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