Cradled in the Arms of Jesus: A Story of Faith, Hope and Mental Wellness

Cradled in the Arms of Jesus is a self-help book for mental health recovery based on personal testimony.

I began my journey with mental health challenges while in elementary school, possibly due to life challenges or perhaps due to head trauma. Either way, my first suicide note was written in third grade.

Over the years many situations have arisen, causing ongoing mental health battles. But with a variety of tools, I have overcome and been successful in living a full life. The ingredients for recovery: medication, talk therapy, doctors you can talk with, a strong support system, and faith are detailed and encouraged in Cradled in the Arms of Jesus.

The Christian faith is strongly encouraged. Scripture is used as a segue into each chapter. The reader is assisted in their faith journey with sample prayers at the end of each chapter.

While the Christian faith is the focus of Cradled in the Arms of Jesus, I share that having faith in anything the offers hope is a good starting point. Faith and hope are important elements in mental health recovery. I offer suggestions of other things a person might find faith in. The important thing is to start somewhere in the faith journey.

I reveal my own experience with mental health in hopes of offering hope and encouragement to others with mental illness, their caretakers, support system, and family. In a time when America is facing a mental health crisis, Cradled in the Arms of Jesus is timely.

--Phaedra Moll

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