Crossing The Little River

Crossing Little River transports you to the captivating realm of country life, weaving together the tapestry of a journey from childhood to adulthood with a poetic sensibility that uplifts the reader' s heart. In the presence of these words of solace and hope, the mind is set free to wander and find tranquility. As you traverse the river and behold its breathtaking waters, a serene joy embraces you, surrounded by trees, rocks, and glimpses of fish gracefully swimming beneath the surface. The idyllic banks, adorned with lush trees, beckon memories of a simpler existence intertwined with the delightful presence of birds, rabbits, chickens, pigs, dogs, and cats. In those days of yore, the world seemed vibrant and alive, illuminated by twinkling stars in the night sky, accompanied by the moon casting its gentle glow, and serenaded by the harmonious melodies of wind and water cascading freely down the meandering river. It is impossible not to envision the love, kindness, and boundless happiness bestowed upon us by this exquisite marvel of God's creation.


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