Dad's Not Home Yet

Three young boys, two being brothers and the next-door neighbor, vowed to become the brothers three. Each had a matching neck chain inscribed""to be worn as their pledge to each other.

David, the youngest, called his mother and asked her to tell his dad he was ready to come home. "Dad's not home yet. I will come get you." On her way to pick up David from school, she was T-boned in an intersection. Two days later, she died.

David's brother, Michael, was devastated and blamed God and his dad for his mother's death. Michael formed a deep disdain for his father.

David and his father relocated to South America. His father died in Rio, and David moved to California to complete his higher education to become a writer and teach creative writing. David developed a relationship with a young lady. David also had health issues. When the doctor recommended surgery, David was reunited with his boyhood friend and also reconnected with his brother.

A reunion was planned, and David's young lady friend invited two of her closest friends to join them for dinner. Romance developed. Life was filled with surprises and peaks and valleys. The excitement in the lives of these three couples will not only amaze you; they will thrill your heart.

David's brother was an attorney. His defense of a young man facing vehicular homicide charges will keep you riveted to your seat.

A multimillionaire agnostic had a life-changing experience when he met Dr. Michael Worthington.

Dad's Not Home Yet is a thriller and a testament of reality. You will relate to the events in the lives of the brothers three.

--S.R. Wood