Das The Panda Bear From China and The Snowflake

Das is a 7-year-old panda bear from China. He is very fun, curious and has a strong imagination to think of exciting activities and games to play with his mom, dad, sister and brother and of course his pet. He loves climbing high in the bamboo trees so he can eat bamboo leaves because they are his favorite snack. He is a good friend at recess by helping his friends at the playground and making sure if someone is playing by themselves, he plays with them. He really enjoys playing soccer and other games with his friends at the local park. Since it is very cold in China it snows. When it snows, Das likes to look for snowflakes falling from the sky and try to catch them on his tongue. Sometimes he misses his tongue and the snowflakes land on his face, it’s cold but he doesn’t mind.Snowflakes may have special powers. If you catch a snowflake in your hand and make a wish, it just may come true. Das catches as many snowflakes as he can to make wishes, so his family and all his friends have good health and have lots of fun. Even a pretend snowflake can have special powers to make wishes come true.

--Suzie Marie

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