Daughters: And Their Relationship with an Earthly Father and the Heavenly Father

Not all daughters are their daddy's little girl. Too many times, their fathers are absent from their lives or nonexistent. Some may have been abusive. The book is about how much the Heavenly Father loves them. Earthly fathers may not be able to love their daughters in the way they need.Through scriptures, the author goes into detail on how much the Father loves his children. He can bring peace and comfort and an incredible love that can't be matched to any other love. We are all imperfect daughters with imperfect earthly fathers. Forgiveness is hard to give when a father has broken his daughter's heart or when he has caused physical and mental pain. Father sent his Son, Jesus, to die for the world's sins and mistakes. When a person asks for forgiveness, he will give strength. This strength will lead a brokenhearted daughter to forgive. By forgiving, peace and joy will fill her body, soul, and mind.

--Kristie French

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