Dead Man Running

Did you ever wonder what running for an elective office like Congress is really all about?

Running for Congress is a world all unto its own, and in today's divided America, it's not for the faint of heart. Dead Man Running clearly shows what can be expected on a personal level in a high-stakes political race. A candidate has to understand the arrows coming at him are unrelenting and dangerous, but it's the arrows that come from behind that can do the most damage.

Like a real-life political “Rocky,” Dead Man Running takes you behind the scenes and into the heart and mind of one candidate who dared to accept the seemingly impossible challenge, despite the odds. With his own Party's establishment convinced there was no hope of victory, one average American citizen was forced to go it alone with only the help of dedicated grass roots volunteers. Dead Man Running is the true story of an unlikely candidate who challenged a powerful, entrenched congressman and began the chain of events that would bring real change to that district.

Written in a reporting style that moves the plot along quickly and holds the reader's attention, Dead Man Running is very prescient in light of what's happening in politics today.

--Rob Curnock

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