Death, Dying, and Realities: Now What?: Twelve Principles to Grief Resilience

Grief is the emotion experienced by discovery; death of a person; and loss of a place, thing, time, art, and music. The discovery pertains to extramarital affair; cheating in a relationship; and addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, wrong doing, etc. The loss of a person pertains to the relationship, i.e., friendship, dating, breakups, caregiver, divorce, and separation in the family. The loss of a place pertains to moving from a home or community; job or employment, and graduation from school, college, university, or technical institution. The loss of a thing pertains to a job, ring, earring, pendant, watch, car, house, etc. This loss also pertains to acting career, sports career, being cut from a team, not chosen by a team, and failed contact negotiations. The loss of a time pertains to life, living, and season. The loss of art and music pertains to never to see old or new art and never to hear old or new music from the deceased artist or musician again. What is the level of your grief? High, impact counseling required for an extended period. Moderate, some counseling required for short period of time. Low, no counseling required. The purchase of this book is your first step towards healing and understanding your grief. Your attendance at our workshop, will make a difference in your life. This presentation of information and education will identify each of the Twelve Principles to Grief Resilience. Give yourself permission to cry, laugh, change, rebirth, and live again!

--Dr. A. J. King Sr., CGRS

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