Destination Success: A Business Fable about School, Work, and Life

Destination: Success is a business fable about getting started in business (and life). This easy-to-read story highlights seven essential skills and lessons that need to be learned to build a strong foundation for success. The author cleverly ties important virtues for the reader to focus on in each chapter for ultimate self-improvement. In addition to these critical lessons, necessary skills, and important virtues, this book also closes each chapter with real world activities to ensure the reader doesn't just become familiar with these topics but lives these skills.

This book is truly ideal for a broad range of audiences from high school and college students to young executives getting started and senior businesspeople in need of a refresher to start the journey to Destination: Success.

This book can be used as a great learning tool by simply reading it or using it as the basis of workshops to reinforce these important lessons and virtues.

--Louis Q. Day