Discover Your Soul Purpose: An Intimate Conversation with God

Do you believe God speaks to you? What if you could sit down with God? What would you say to Him? What questions would you ask Him? Most importantly, what would He say to you? Would you be willing to enter the conversation? As a broadcaster and certified life coach, Wendy Templeton invites you to experience a personal encounter with God, the One Who knows and loves you best. Dear child, I Am God, your heavenly Father. I Am the one Who knows you inside and out: your past, your present, and your future. I know all your thoughts even before you do. I know when you are filled with joy and peace, and I know when you are anxious and sad. My heart is so filled with love for you as you turn to me for help. I fully understand and know your conflicted heart, and I love you despite all your challenges: your disappointments and sorrows, your hesitations, and your fears. How I wait for you to release them to Me once and for all. I must ask you, My precious soul, what do you believe? As you tune the ear of your heart to listen to God's voice throughout each unique discovery prayer letter, you may find that you are touched on a very deep level; this is good. Discovering Your Soul Purpose: An Intimate Conversation with God will help you... Know who you are in God. Tune out distractions to listen to God's voice more intently in your daily life. Forge a deeper relationship with God. Discover Your Soul Purpose. Live with more love, hope, joy, and courage. Live without fear and anxiety. Live in true peace despite your current circumstances. Understand that forgiveness is meant for you--to forgive and to be forgiven. Be your authentic self.

--Wendy Templeton Padilla

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