Discovering Me 365

Discovering Me 365 will help you understand why you are alive and who you are and reveal God's amazing plan for you, both here and now. Abel Njoh will guide you through a personal 365-day spiritual journey that will transform your life and answer the most important questions. Who am I? How to stay focused? Why am I here? Knowing God's purpose for creating you will reduce the distraction in your life and elevate you to greater heights. You are promised to discover your hidden potential and become the man/woman of value, for you were created to live a life of abundance and prosperity. And with the help of this book, you will attain that. God gives us the ability to create wealth for ourselves, and here is the guide. You will have encountered breakthroughs in all areas of your personal growth--spiritual, emotional, economic, mental, relational, social, and physical. Prepare yourself for a life-enhancing journey as Discovering Me 365 helps you discover you!

--Abel Njoh

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