Doc and the Princess

After graduating from high school, Julie Copeland meets a young man, her age, at a Young Life teen camp in British Columbia, Canada. Their attraction for each other is instant and magical. Julie and her new friend Joe Sheldon (Doc) both feel that there is a mysterious bond between them that fuels passion and love.

Painted against the magnificent, breathtaking beauty of the Princess Louisa Inlet, the Malibu Club is the perfect background setting for this innocent young love story, with a twist. Relationships among staff is taboo; therefore, Doc and Julie constantly have to risk their jobs in order to be together. This adventurous, comical, suspenseful story unfolds with anticipation and spiritual fulfillment.

Young and old readers alike will enjoy this heartwarming story of Doc and the Princess, as the mystery between Doc and Julie unravels.

--David K. Siegle