Don't Wait Until The Battle Is Over: Shout Victory Now!

"There but for the grace of God go I."

When Reverend Doris Green first began her evangelism to incarcerated people more than thirty years ago, nothing could have prepared her for the transformation that God was working in her life. A member of her congregation had prophesized over her in 1984, praising her faithfulness and naming her calling to help the hurting people. At that time, prison ministries were few and far between. What little support congregations did provide to brothers and sisters behind bars was usually limited to holiday prayers. But Rev. Green was on a mission. With her sister and a few other dedicated women in her congregation, she began to journey to Illinois' far-flung prisons to meet the people society had forgotten. Rev. Green thought she was there to help. What stunned her was how every person's story she bore witness to spoke directly to the pain, trauma, and anguish she herself had lived through for years in silence.

Shout is a collective testimony - of an evangelist's conversion and of the painstaking process through which incarcerated people make amends. Together, they worked to create a liberatory prison ministry, born from the blood, sweat, and tears of those whose hearts could not be held captive, even by prison bars. Rev. Green found Jesus in prison in the bodies and spirits of the people who were incarcerated. In these pages, you will too.

--Rev. Doris Green