Ever So Grateful Unto Thee

The Lord God has many ways of getting our attention and I realize that this is just one of them. I found myself sitting in my truck with my left arm crushed due to an accident. Thank God, I was the only one involved; then again, this moment in time was just for me. I hydroplaned on water in one of the rainiest days of the year. On my way to work as usual but this became a day that changed my life. Before then, I felt God speaking to my heart, letting me know something was going to happen to me but I didn't know what. In the Bible, there is a scripture that says God chastises those whom he love and that's what helped me make it through, from beginning to end. His grace is sufficient and that's why I am ever so grateful unto thee. I knew I was living a life that was ungodly and in his timing he would get my attention if I didn't start living righteously. What has happened to me has brought me back closer to God. He has blessed me tremendously all in all. Ever so grateful unto thee, I am, O Lord.

--Daniel Doles