Eye on Health: A Personalized Guide to A Healthier You

What do your eyes reveal about your health, genetics, emotions, and personality?The eyes tell the story through iridology--the study of the iris along with a personalized guide to a healthier you."Your Health is your Greatest Asset"The purpose of this book is for you to be able to look at your eyes and understand them in a whole new way. A unique field called iridology (the study of the iris, the colored part of the eye) can do just that.Iridology and nutrition work hand in hand and are powerful tools for helping us to stay well. Iridology tells us what our genetic footprints are, where our strengths lie and where our deficiencies lie.Nutrition gives us the means to nourish our deficiencies and enhance our strengths so that we can live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives. Iridology helps you understand your interior world and may offer information about options that are known to be beneficial, such as dietary or lifestyle changes which may provide you with a wealth of useful information for you and your family. Iridology reveals physical traits that we inherit from our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. The eyes can also tell us a great deal about one's personality and emotional traits. Start building your health by keeping a strong immune system, understanding our body systems and how to nourish them, finding out the root cause of disease rather than treating the symptoms through discovering the deficiencies, and ridding the body of the toxins. Renew your mind; positive and negative thinking triggers the release of chemical messages throughout the body. Understand the importance of your pH levels, and try the seven-day healthy jump start renewal with the 80-20 way of eating and food-combining approach. Utilize the different charts also in this book to understand your health more. Essential oils and their uses, along with the self-test to do at home . And last but not least, happiness is a choice we make every day. Be thankful for what we do have and not we don't.Let's start by becoming stewards of our own bodies and utilize all the noninvasive tools and suggestions in this book to help ourselves stay well using preventive steps in health and wellness, along with Iridology observation.

--Nancy Rondone CCII, CHNC

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