Faith, Hope and Believe

Faith, Hope, and Believe is a vision received from God. On one of the midnights I usually pray and worship, as my eyes were closed, worshipping God, I saw a yellow book, clearly written with white, Faith, Hope, and Believe. At first it was confusing, but it kept coming very boldly, even with my eyes closed. It was a vision. I could not understand it at first, then gradually, it all began to make sense and fall into place. Each chapter is a revelation from God expressing His love for mankind.We have always known faith, hope, and charity; faith, hope, and love; but now God is saying faith, hope, and believe. He wants us all to believe and be saved. That we need to translate from the Adam life to the new life he has brought for everyone who believes. It is not about religion but about relationship. This is the Spirit life we all need to have to escape from the judgment on the world.For those who worship God must worship only in this Spirit life and the truth of what He has done.For more information, visit our website at www.allkidsforchrist us at or call at +1-727-463-0459.

--Frances Louis

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