Faith-Sealed Hope

Gazing into the night sky over the ocean, a shooting star streaks across. I think to myself, Is it her, my angel showing me her presence?I continue to stare, a glimpse of my childhood. A little Catholic Irish boy, already an exception to God's rules with my dark hair, looking nothing like your stereotypical redheaded Irish boy. My father, however, was your stereotypical Irishman, an alcoholic. He worked to provide. But we did not have much extra, leaving me a little more grateful than most when I did receive something extra and, in my adult life, has made me grateful for the little things, never taking anything for granted, and realizing my most valuable treasure was right in front of me--Jamie Faith McBride.Another shooting star graces the night sky, maybe that one was my angel.Faith, one of God's most precious gifts, is written right there in her name. She was the most precious gift and miracle from God that I had ever received.After a life of dark decisions and troubled paths, God sent me light. He showed me his love through Jaime. That love was stronger than any worldly vices, and her light was so bright that it made me shine. I became a better man. The wounds started to heal, the mistakes and wrongdoings began to mend, the blessings range, and my faith in life and humanity was restored.

--Danny McBride

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