Finding Home

Can you find the strength and courage to move forward when your past tries to hold you back?

In Finding Home, Jamie finally turns eighteen and sets off on a journey to build a future for himself, away from the foster system that has defined his life. His journey takes him through different parts of his past. Jamie remembers the neglect and abuse that he suffered at the hands of various foster parents but also the love and protection he received from his adoptive family.

As Jamie meets new people and forms new relationships, he realizes that some of them are connected to his past in unexpected ways. With memories flooding into Jamie's mind as he steps into his new life, the power of God's redemptive love is evident as the reader is taken through the highs and lows of Jamie's journey.

With the help of his faith in God, Jamie perseveres through the ups and downs of his life and learns to trust that God's plan for his life is greater than his own. With strong themes of faith, family, and redemption, Finding Home is a poignant and powerful story that will resonate with readers of all ages and will showcase the importance of trusting God's plan and purpose for our lives.

--Jacinda Penley

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