Fire and a Hammer

As I am constantly being asked why I wrote my book, my answer was very clear. When I draw my last breath on this earth, the legacy I wish to leave behind with countless people I have been blessed to meet and study the bible with, will be God's plan of salvation and what we must do to go to Heaven. I hope this book will prick the hearts and minds of everyone and spark that fire for studying and learning the Bible.

Fire and a Hammer covers the thoughts I have about the book I wrote. I have taken scriptures from the Bible, verse by verse, to help explain and teach what we must do, and my prayers are that my book will be a useful tool, a gift that keeps on giving.

Fire, is the powerful Word of God; and the hammer breaking it to pieces, is written very clear in black and white and answers questions to all subjects open under discussion. Fire and a Hammer completely covers the subject with answers from the Bible, period; not man's word, but God's word.

With the condition the world is in today, we must slow down with earthly achievements and make going to Heaven when we die our main priority in life.

If we stop for one moment and ask ourselves this question"" where will your soul go? To Heaven or to hell? After much study, this is why I wanted to write this book because it tells us what God commands us to do. Simply obey God and keep his commandments.

--Warlene Smith