For Everything There Is A...Story: Bible Study for Individuals and Small Groups

For Everything There Is a...Story, a theme-based, multilevel study for individuals or small groups. It uses Bible stories to deepen our understanding of the Bible, our faith, and our lives while providing a jigsaw puzzle approach to the history and timeline of the Bible. The study can be done by individuals, but a small group of three to five persons will help enhance the study by allowing different points of view to be discussed.This study does not tell you what to believe. It helps you find the answers. Many stories in the Bible contain lessons that can be applied to situations today. You only need to find them. This study provides multiple-choice questions that have no wrong answers. All the options could be true, depending on your perspective. It is possible there are other answers that also apply.The study helps group members to understand each other by sharing your story, your spiritual beginnings, and where you are with God. Sharing is important to understand where someone is coming from. Many form lasting bonds and enduring friendships as an effect of this study.You only need a Holy Bible, a desire to learn, time to devote to the assigned readings, the questions that are provided, and the group meetings. One must also keep an open mind to the responses from others. You do not have to agree. Just understand each person has different backgrounds and experiences that give them a different perspective.

--Loren Spotts

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