For His Glory

I wrote this book and gave it the tittle, For His Glory, to give the Lord God Almighty all the glory for performing a miracle healing in me His servant, Joyce M. Cortez.

In the year 2016, I was diagnosed with cancer on the left breast. The Lord God Almighty gave me peace and strength and filled me with His Holy Spirit and power. He revealed His glory to me, His servant, in a new and beautiful way

He anointed my eyes to see His glory, the cloud of His presence, a beautiful white mist, and also the Holy Spirit falling, in white drops in a form like rain. I give Him all the glory for revealing His glory to me, His servant, during this time, and being with me every moment and with my family.

During this time, I came to know the Lord God Almighty in a new and powerful way. He showed me His peace, joy, the Holy Spirit, and fire. He showed me color that I have not seen before-orange, red, blue purple green, and white.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that every person reading this book that the Lord God Almighty reveal Himself to you in a new and powerful way. May He anoint your eyes to see His glory and His Holy Spirit, and may He also let you see the light of His Holy presence living in you so others can see His light and come to Jesus Christ the savior of the world. Amen.

During this time, the Lord revealed to me His purpose and will of the sickness. It was all for His glory. I give Him all the glory for healing me and bringing glory to Himself through the healing.

In the midst of our circumstances, God can be glorified and others would see God's power and glory. They would come to Jesus Christ as they see the faith that we demonstrate as we go through the process of surgery, recovery, and treatment. To Him be all the glory.

Through these circumstances, the Lord touches other people, and they came to the Lord Jesus Christ. Others were healed and saw the light of Jesus Christ. We give the Lord God Almighty all the glory for all that He accomplishes through it all. For His glory! Thank you, Jesus Christ.

--Joyce M. Cortez