Founder, Only a Pit Stop

Founder, Only a Pit Stop, is based on Potter's direct and effective experience in working with foundered horses and provides guidelines on how to help your horse. In years of speaking with frustrated and concerned horse owners, Potter came to realize that many questions in the equine industry are often answered with treatments that prove to be ineffective--especially when dealing with foundered horses. The book covers some of the follies of an industry that--aside from veterinarians--requires no licensure or regulation of its workers, which leaves many horses and their owners vulnerable when a complex problem arises. Every horse owner must advocate for their horse, but horse owners are often faced with a daunting task when trying to sift through misinformation and outdated modalities. Founder, Only a Pit Stop, can help you save your horse's life and your bank account during what is often the most painful time in the horse's life.

--Chuck Potter

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