Freedom from Life's Wounds and Oppression

Overcoming life’s challenges and emotional wounds is possible for Christians through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ and the benefits He paid for at the cross.

This book’s core message is that by the Spirit of God any Believer can discern the Truth of God’s Word and use the spiritual steps, prayers, and declarations to obtain lasting Freedom through the Power and Authority of Jesus’ name.

This book contains:

Clear scriptural information for any Christian to identify and stop demonic oppression.

Steps and prayers for any Believer to correctly process emotional injuries and stop the voices continually accusing, condemning, and shaming them.

Comprehensive information of the conditions that contribute to fear, depression, rage, self-hate, anxiety attacks, and the voices of rejection, abandonment, and death.

This book will lead you to know your identity in the Kingdom of God and understand the freedom and authority that brings.

If you pastor, teach, counsel, coach, or mentor, meet your newest reference book.

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--Bill W. Hughes

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