Writing my true-crime autobiography is only half the story. The second half is my redemption and repentance to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The book is 100 percent truth, from my wild childhood days in New York City to me joining the US Navy at age sixteen and serving eight years honorably. The only problem, I was living a double life. I was also a mob associate and worked with a crew from one of the five families. It was the early 1990s, the reign of the Teflon Don. I want people to know I'm Irish and Polish, not Italian. I did a couple of successful heists by myself after I was betrayed by my mob connections, who were also childhood friends. I tell my complete story where I was charged with the RICO Act, which is organized crime; conspiracy to rob an armored truck; as well as conspiracy to transfer currency across state lines. I never did no major time because of one mob contact, I'll call Big Loser, who was a total idiot. Every job he planned in New York with me went bust. Besides all that, he screwed up my job of a lifetime. My biggest mistake was picking him and his neighbor to take the money from the armored truck company I worked for.

--Michael Faith

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