From Graduation to Glory

How often do we pray for our children and their struggles? The struggle for Justin to graduate his senior year kept me in the presence of God, seeking Him for direction. I heard God telling me, “He’s going to graduate.” His words gave me the strength to persevere and not give up, not knowing I would be walking from my son’s life to his life in glory.

My flesh struggled with not being ready for God to allow what had been settled in heaven. I had to spiritually process it without sharing a word. God kept me from telling anyone because they could have interfered with His plan. When the appointed time had come, no matter how my heart cried with continuous prayers, knowing God’s perfect love for me, there was no changing His mind. I struggled with surrendering my will. “Turn him over to me,” I heard God speak in an audible voice, “so I can allow what is going to happen.”

My flesh had to come into an agreement with what God was doing. I remember saying, “Not my will, Lord. Your will be done.” Justin took a step from graduation to glory. When Justin’s feet no longer touched the earth, his final steps were from flesh to spirit. God told it all to me, but the point of when I had to experience it—that’s when I really knew. I was able to see that God has many great things to do with Justin but not here.

God, You made that be our secret.

--Don Ella Cruz

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