From the Cartel to the Evangelist


We want to give thanks to God, for all this project he allowed us to do. Many times, I thought that I could not do more, but he keeps strengthening me. I hope that this book gets into the hands of all the living, especially the young people of today. This will help them avoid falling into all that I fell for. And as such, they will embrace the opportunity of encountering God's miracles. I pray to God every day. It is my dream that this book reaches all the prisons in different parts of the world and, by the power of God, transforms the inmates so that they will be able to change their lives.

Therefore it is better not to have, than having and still lose everything. Once, I had it all, but God taught me a huge lesson. God gave me a call and promised to bless me uncontrollably, just as he has promised you. God never fails. A lot of people think that God is not real, until in times of trouble. God is like a wind. You do not see it but you can feel it. Many will encounter God's miracle when they read this book. Others will be freed from shackles.

Remember that your miracle is about to arrive. Receive the power of God now in the name of Jesus. Everyone deserves a second chance. I have had my chance, and now, I dedicate myself to preach and to bring the message of God by telling you that he will do it for you. You just have to believe. Today is the day of your miracle.


--J. King

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