From the Heart: Crotchet with love

My love of crocheting was taught to me at the age of twenty. Two small girl neighbors of my friend that I often visited inspired me to learn. They said they would teach me. I simply needed a crochet needle and a stein of yarn for them to teach me, and so I did.First, I learned how to do a chain link with the whole stein of yarn; from there, we moved on to granny squares. I practiced and perfected my crochet stitching. Years later, I grew tired of doing that same old empty granny square.One day, while making a square, it dawned on me that I could see an E. I knew I could make a pattern to look like an E, and if I can make an S, a J, and a U, I'd have the letters to spell Jesus.For thirty-eight years, I have been crocheting letters and numbers.All through faith and my gifts, I was able to write this book to help others learn.57

--Daphne E. Hagigal

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