From The Seat Of My Pants: Lessons From the Saddle: A Motorcycle Touring Guide

From the Seat of My Pants is a look at motorcycle touring from the perspective of someone who's spent countless hours and tens of thousands of miles in the saddle. "It's the book I was looking for when I started touring fourteen or fifteen years ago," says the author.

Many people, even those who have been riding for years, have never experienced what it's like to tour the country from the saddle of a motorcycle. Maybe they are intimidated and anxious about going on an organized tour. Maybe they aren't confident in their riding skills. They might even be worried about the average daily miles that could be required on a tour. Or they are new to riding and, because of their inexperience on the road, just don't feel like they are ready to strike out on a tour.

Filled with great advice on what you need to know about the road, the right motorcycle for touring, and how to find like-minded souls to ride with (if you don't want to strike out on your own), this book details everything you need to know, everything you need to have, and what you need to do to get ready for your first or your fiftieth motorcycle tour. Personal stories and experiences bring the author's advice to life as Ty shares his successes and the challenges of exploring the country from the seat of his pants.

One thousand miles away from home, Ty is often approached by someone who invariably says, "I used to ride." He's started asking them, "Why did you stop?"

After reading Ty's book, you might find yourself looking at the map and getting ready to set out on a motorcycle adventure yourself.

--Ty Kiisel

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