Gabby the Prankster

Gabby is a little eight-year-old girl who is growing up with her friends. She loves to have fun, and she’s funny. Gabby learns lessons that help her distinguish the difference between right from wrong. Gabby is like a lot of children—she is learning, and she respects the lessons that she learns.

In this book, Gabby loves to sit on the big tree across her house. Gabby learns a lesson from her friends about playing pranks on them. Gabby loves her friends Michael, Kono, Halie, Juan, Madison, and Isabella who are with her throughout the book. Gabby will have many adventures with her friends. She will make children laugh and also make them think about their behavior when put in different situations.

Gabby and her friends are nice, and they are smart. They are not bullies, and they despise bullying. Also, they do not care what nationality the other children are. They love them all. Gabby friends believe that all children are beautiful, no matter what their culture are.

Gabby and her friends are lovable and adorable. Any child would love to have Gabby and her friends as their friends. Gabby is an only child, and so are her friends. They treat each other like they are brothers and sisters. They care about each other, and they made a pact to be friends forever.

Gabby is excited to meet new friends who will be reading about her.

--Kathleen Daniels

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