Game Time: God's Team, Play Your Position

Yes, it’s game time for God’s team, and they are to arise and shine His light into this crooked and perverse generation. God is the one who assigns each member of His team a part to play; to each member is granted a measure of light, adapted to the necessities of their time and the sufficiency that comes from God that grants grace to each individual the ability to do their assigned duty. The successfulness of this plan will bring glory to God only after each member of God’s team accept their assigned position on His team and play it accordingly to God’s rule book—the Holy Bible.

The purpose of this book is to send an alert to the people of God that when they join God’s team, they accept their specific role on the team. Their role may come with a title, or it may not. God wants His team to know that having a title or not having a title is not high on His priority list.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, left the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and show His team things to come upon the earth. The Holy Spirit will glorify God and honor Him. The Holy Spirit will take what is God and disclose to His team on the earth.

--Reginald B. Bratton