Get Out of the Ground

God’s testimony: God wrote my story out of Genesis to Revelation of truth of my life with him. God knew all of me before he placed me in my birth father and placed me in my mother’s womb. We all have a story with God.

Get Out of the Ground is about my repentance, cleansing, and change of life because of the following:

• Consented: baptism of Jesus Christ Lord and Savior of my life.

• Accepted God’s breath of life.

• Accepted God’s wisdom and knowledge with understanding.

• Accepted God’s chastisement.

• Accepted God’s love.

• Did not accept God’s Holy Spirit of Truth to guide my life. I wasn’t taught that the Holy Spirit lived in me and what it represented in my life.

• My testimony of knowing and not knowing.

Yet I became what God spoke of in Revelation 2 and 3 about the seven churches. I had forsaken it all. I had fallen deep in the ground, that his voice of love reached down on me and pulled me up out of the ground and set me on a solid foundation and started teaching me who the Holy Spirit of Truth is inside of me and how it is to be used in me. I had the Christian walk, but I did not have the spiritual walk.

To all God's children I pray that this story help you to see your story and God\'s story for your life in Jesus Christ, Amen.

--Renee Odom