Get Right Church: Preparing to Go Home

As Christians, we need to be aware that we are in spiritual warfare every day. This is what Get Right Church is about. The book is written with hopes that the reader can see the many missed opportunities that God places before us daily to be blessing to others and opportunities to witness and attest to His greatness. It also allows the reader to see through the experiences of others what should be our reasonable service. It is our duty to be strong for the weak and share the gospel of Christ correctly.

Too often, we as Christians negate the need for true spiritual and religious revivals in our personal lives. Many times the purpose of a revival is not clearly understood by Christians. Revivals are spiritual feastings on God's word. The duty of a Christian is to lead others to Christ through witnessing, not in words only, but through lifestyle.

Get Right Church shares the trials, tribulations, and victories of believers as they continue to grow in the true knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of God. This growth is not just for their lives but to share freely while leading others to Christ as ambassadors. Get Right Church is about a lifestyle. Second Timothy 2:15""16 and 3:16""17 gives directions to study and control our speech with confirmation of the author of the Holy Bible and the reason to study. Romans 12:1""2 gives us directions how to live in this world and honor God, which is our reasonable service.

These experiences are shared to help others see that we can live a victorious lifestyle in Christ while giving glory and honor to God through our daily lives. Start your personal revival with Christ, and allow others to see him in you, which is your reasonable service to God.

--Earl J. Sorrell, Jr.