Glory to Glory: The Indication and Identification of Jehovah-El Elyon

Glory to Glory is a contemporary study of the reality of Jehovah-Elyon, the Most High of heaven and earth. It takes into consideration a variety of views, including that of classical Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, early African, and Judaism.

It follows Jehovah from before the creation of the world to the final judgment and the New Heaven and New Earth. It also examines closely the functioning of Lucifer as the morning star and after his rebellion.

The book essentially presents Jehovah-Elyon as the one "who is great and greatly to be praised, whose greatness is unsearchable." It presents the Father, whose "name is blessed and exalted above all blessing and praise," whose "name alone is excellent, whose glory is above the heaven and the earth," and who is the praise of all the saints.

--Alvan Quamina

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