Go and Get Your Stuff Back

Go and Get Your Stuff Back provides biblical reference to the valuable gifts God has deposited in each of us. In this world's system that is bent on looking solely to education as the end-all and away from the gift within oneself as the means to prosperity, people have unknowingly allowed Satan (the thief) to steal their products (their gifts) that were meant to provide their prosperity.

A thief never comes to a place where there is nothing of value. If you knew that a thief was coming to your house to break in and steal your valuables, you would prepare yourself for his coming. With this in mind, the Bible tells us that Satan is a thief; therefore, when he comes to you and tempts you or tries to belittle you, you should immediately realize that there is something valuable in you that he is trying to steal. This book teaches you how and encourages you to Go and Get Your Stuff Back.

--Chester Miller

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