GOD, ADHD, AND ME: A Veteran's Journey

The inspiring true story of a man who lived forty-five years not knowing he had a clinical learning disability. Discovering he had ADHD enabled him to understand the accomplishments and failures in his past.

“Mr. Sorrentino has written a delightful book that is a memoir with a message. His autobiography incorporates a thought provoking review of his childhood memories transposed upon a midlife diagnosis of ADHD. He eloquently describes the conflicted relationship he had with his father and how that relationship influenced his formative years. As the book progresses, this is followed by reflections he has on multiple relationships that he had had with individuals through key times of his life. Mr. Sorrentino is loquacious as he describes milestone events and cleverly interjects anecdotes with phrases pulled from his psychiatric report.

As he transports the reader through the years, he also seamlessly incorporates Bible verses and spiritual messages which clearly indicate his precious relationship with God and the profound influence Christianity has had upon him. Mr. Sorrentino’s journey of self-discovery is a delightful read, and he balances well the combination of internal reflection, psychiatric diagnoses, and his evolving relationship with God in a way that is endearing and enlightening. I highly recommend his book without reservation.”

—Dr. Monica Harms, M.D.

--Joseph Sorrentino

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