God Called Me for a Purpose: The Servant Leader

Knowing that God has a calling on your life and understanding your calling is just the beginning of a progression that leads to working successfully within that calling. The Lord Called Me for a Purpose gives insight to the preparation process and the required commitment to the developing stages of spiritual leadership. Within this book, you will come to understand the need for proper training and the understanding of disciplines essential in building tenacity in your study of God and in your covenant relationship that guides you through your growth process. Knowing that you were chosen by God and gifted in a specific calling, this book helps you to understand the critical issues of the premature birth of your calling and the successful rewards of your calling coming into public view in due season.Moreover, The Lord Call Me for a Purpose helps you to understand that spiritual leadership is, in a sense, stewardship through the favor of God. You will recognize the favor of God as having to be responsible and accountable for what truly belongs to God. God has called you into leadership, and you must answer the call, so prepare yourself for a close encounter with the Spirit of God that is about to lead you into greater works!

--Joseph Wright

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