God Loves Profit

God Loves Profit contains numerous stories from the Bible that will edify Christians, and this same material will draw non-Christian readers in as Scripture invariably acts as a magnate for people who are searching for truth, meaning, and purpose. In addition, there are numerous real-life stories of teaching and missionary experiences that offer concrete examples of God’s abundance and universal love for us.

God Loves Profit follows the tradition of Christian personal development and inner growth. In the nineteenth century, writers in personal development were primarily from the New Thought movement. These works, too numerous to mention, often used the Bible to show believers the power of unlimited potential within us and the reality of a God who provides abundantly. In the 1950s the works of Earl Nightingale and Norman Vincent Peale emerged.

In 2000, The Prayer of Jabez was published. Although personal development and success are intrinsically a Christian-rooted movement, contemporary authors (i.e., Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, etc.) approach the issues for a New Age or secular viewpoint. God Loves Profit is a book for personal success and advancement from a biblical perspective. The book addresses the abundance that God provides and that he wants us to grow in faith.

--Joe Dardano

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